Junior Race Membership Free for riders 6-18 years old.

Junior Race Membership

Junior Race Membership Free for riders 6-18 years old.

Get Junior Race License (FREE) Get Junior+ Membership ($40)

A USA Cycling Junior Race Membership grants riders full access to racing at thousands of USA Cycling sanctioned events; road, track, and trail. Results, rankings, and upgrades are tracked and awarded as you progress from newcomer to seasoned expert or even professional. Additionally, having a Junior Race Membership provides:

  • Access to thousands of USA Cycling events and races, including national champions
  • Access to Talent ID and Olympic Development Camps
  • Safe, secure, professionally officiated race courses and venues.
  • Injury insurance coverage while competing.
  • Exclusive discounts from some of the outdoors’s biggest brands and USA Cycling partners.
  • Entry fee discounts, preferred start spots, and other VIP perks at select Races, Grand Fondos, and organized rides.

*Race Memberships are required for racing

Every Junior Race License comes with the exact same perks that are included in an adult Race License: 

  • Access to thousands of USA Cycling events and races
  • Dozens of discounts and deals on rider gear, nutrition, and equipment.
  • Weekly updates on the best of American cycling 

How much is a junior membership?

Free! We want to get as many young riders into the sport as possible and that is why we cover all of the expenses related to keeping junior riders involved and safe in organized cycling.

What is the age range for "Juniors"?

You can become a Junior Member of USA Cycling from ages 6-18. For competition, we use "Race Age" which can be quantified as your highest age in any calendar year. 

Membership Benefits Us All

More than a Membership


We champion rider programs for cyclists of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds by sharing expertise early and often to create lifelong riders. We want more people on bikes more often, and you help that happen.

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We champion participation in grassroots cycling by promoting, organizing and subsidizing the largest network of races and rides in the country, with a goal of making the sport more accessible in the United States.

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We champion the world class performances of over 150 Olympic, world, and national teams' athletes. From coaching and training to travel and equipment, we invest the money, time and effort necessary to cross the finish line first.

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